Our commitments for a better tomorrow !

We put our environmental commitments at the hearth of our business strategy. Since 2014, we are committed in a Corporate social responsibility strategy (CSR).The sustainable development is a longtime commitment for the Bourgon family. Because every small everyday acts are important, we involve all our employees and partners in our environmental approach.

Our commitment gathers 4 axes : 

Waste recycling

Processing of food waste into animal feed or fertilizer

Waste sorting (cardboard, pallet …)





Resources recycling

Processing of sewage via water treatment plant


Decrease of energy expenses




Regional supply chains

Decrease of greenhouse gas due to transport and supply of raw material


Encourage the regional dynamism



Against food waste

Using our eggs in their second life in the production of food preparations.

Donation of unsold food preparations to the “Banque Alimentaire du Doubs”


Did you know?

Agrodoubs gives a second life to its parent company's eggs in shell !

The parent company of Agrodoubs is the company PEB-COQUY, leader in the production and distribution of eggs in shell in Bourgogne Franche-Comté, in the North East of France.

This company is autonomous for the distribution and the merchandising of its egg boxes in all retail stores of its region. Eggs COQUY are taken back from shops one week before the expiring date. Those eggs are so sold to Agrodoubs, which uses them daily in its food preparations. 

Agrodoubs uses almost 100 tons of these eggs shell for the production of its egg products and almost 210 tons on its food preparations