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Family company founded in 1988 in Flagey (25), located in the heart of the Franche-Comté area, the history of Agrodoubs begins in the 70s. At this time, Albert and his wife Marguerite Bourgon had a local company that produced and packed hens eggs that they were sold locally. This activity led to the creation of a production site that launched the industrial activity of egg processing plants and eggs pasteurization to promote them to professionals of the foodservice industry.

In 2000, their eldest son, Georges Bourgon took over and diversified the activity of the company with production of pastry cream that became the flagship product of Agrodoubs.

In 2001, Georges was joined by Arnaud Lavergne, partner and general manager of Agrodoubs. The following year, the activity of dessert preparations began. “We have milk, eggs and the know-how needed to work with bacteriologically sensitive products,” says Arnaud Lavergne. It is from raw materials of its region Franche-Comté that Agrodoubs made its first crème brûlée preparation! 

Following this diversification of Agrodoubs activity, both of them have elaborated a real business strategy, with the deployment of an internal R&D department and the constitution of a chefs network to create simple recipes with savours and flavor close to the “home-made”.

The Agrodoubs adventure was so began. Then, the company expanded its products ranges which met a real success near professionals of the foodservice industry and catering.

In 2017, due to its growing activity, Agrodoubs proceeded to expansion works to double its production area. Today, the main business development of Agrodoubs is made thanks to international markets: US, Asia … 



Creation of Agrodoubs to industrialize cassery and pasteurization of egg processing plants (egg whites, egg yolks and whole eggs) in order to promote them near professional foodservice industry.


Georges Bourgon took over his parents’ company and diversify the activity of Agrodoubs by producing pastry cream. 


Arnaud Lavergne joined the company as General Manager by partnering with Georges Bourgon.


Diversification of the activity by developing a range of dessert preparations. 


Launching of a environmentally responsible desserts preparations range made from ingredients coming from  short supply chains, under the brand “Délices de Courbet”.


IFS certification (until June 2016).


Organic certification for our vanilla pastry cream.


Certification SCCF 22000 and ISO 22000 (supersede the IFS certificate)

A quality assurance which guarantees the regulatory and customers requirements compliances.


The production site of Agrodoubs doubled its production area with the deployment of 4 extra production lines. 

“We celebrated our 30 years in 2018. The explanation of our success is our difference : we create the recipe to your taste ! We adapt our products to the market trend and to the taste of each of our clients.”
Georges Bourgon, CEO