Milk chocolate pastry cream of Agrodoubs

Add a greedy touch to your desserts !

Create staple pastries of the French pastry easily and quickly thanks to the ready-to-use pastry cream of Agrodoubs. The pastry cream of Agrodoubs is multipurpose because it tolerates flavouring. This product allows you to realize every kind of pastries by combining it with some fruits, aroma, puff pastry …

Open the pouch, put the pastry cream into a bowl, make it soft by whisking it, add aroma it if needed (alcohols, coffee …) and prepare your dessert. It is ready !

With a smooth texture, save time on your pastries realisation step with the ready-to-use pastry cream of Agrodoubs and give your clients greedy pastries with flavors close to the “home-made”.


Description : The milk chocolate pastry cream of Agrodoubs is a product reference for pastry professionals.
Use it as desserts fillings or even to do chocolate mousses.
Realize easily a multitude of desserts thanks to its smooth texture and its chocolate taste. 

Ready-to-use product
Texture and flavor close to the “home-made”


Shelf life: 35 days
Product reference: CPA22F
Available on demand
To be kept between +0°C and +4°C 

1 kg of product allows you to do around 20 pastries.

You can froze this product ! 

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Ready-to-use product


Resealable pouch: 5Kg

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