The cheese sauce special "French Tacos" of Agrodoubs

Tacos, the most trendy sandwich in France in 2019 !

The cheese sauce of Agrodoubs special “French Tacos” is a new product which has been developed especially for snacking professionals! This cheese sauce enhance the taste of your French tacos’ ingredients. 

Agrodoubs has adapted the texture of this cheese sauce in order to offer professionals the ideal solution to complement tacos.

Inspired from the traditional recipe of this famous sandwich, the recipe of the cheese sauce special “French Tacos” of Agrodoubs is made from milk, cream and Emmental cheese only. 

Thanks to this product you can save time on the preparation of French tacos  while guaranteeing a constant quality of them to your clients.

The product packaging allows you to manage easily your storage and to make easier your dosage to ensure your well-management of your costs.


Description : Our cheese sauce special French Tacos is a product designed for  your Tacos.

Smooth texture with a fine taste of Emmental cheese, this sauce brings a creamy taste to your French Tacos.

Ready-to-use product
Recipe inspired from the traditional recipe
Texture and flavor close to the “home-made”


Shelf life: 100 days
Product reference: SEB8F

Product in stock
To be kept between +0°C and +4°C 


Shelf life: 24 months
Product reference: SEB8S

Product in stock
To be kept at -18°C

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After thawing, product is ready-to-use
Ideal solution to realize your French Tacos


Pouch with a spout:

1Kg, 1.75Kg, 5Kg


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