The cheesecake of Agrodoubs

The authentic New Yorker cheesecake !

The New Yorker Cheesecake is a trendy dessert ! Inspired from the traditional recipe of New York, the cheesecake preparation of Agrodoubs has a smooth and greedy taste of cottage cheese ! Quick and easy to prepare, it doesn’t curdle with the addition of flavourings and alcohol. It is suitable for blending with fruit, spices, coffee, etc.

Use this mix as a dessert base and easily customize it ! 


Description : Create easily the real New Yorker cheesecake thanks to the cheesecake mix of Agrodoubs.
Rich in cottage-cheese with a light texture, this preparation suits with all your desserts creations : Oreo Cheesecake, Speculos Cheesecake, fruits cheesecake etc. 

This mix allows you to make all of your cheesecakes dishes, from classics to more creative variations. Realize in 10 minutes a dessert with flavor close to “home-made” !


Shelf life: 24 months
Product reference: CC0S
Product in stock
To be kept at -18°C 

1 kg of product allows you to do around 10 individual portions or 1 full-cheesecake

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Defrost the product during 24 hours in the fridge. After thawing, heat the product up to 80°C and pour it in your verrines. Let it sit for two hours in the fridge. Customize it. It is ready-to-serve! 



Doypack: 1Kg

Pouch with a spout: 1Kg, 5Kg



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