The chocolate tart mix of Agrodoubs

Simple and so greedy !

The chocolate tart is a classic and staple product in gastronomy world.  This chocolate tart mix of Agrodoubs offers all the required quality for exceptional tarts.

This ready-to-use product is saved time on your tarts preparations. It allows a quick realisation of your pastry desserts. A smooth texture which perfectly topping your pie crust for a regular pie shell. 

Garnish your chocolate tart with some seasonal fruits or white chocolate silvers and obtain a tart with flavors close to the “home-made”.


Description : The chocolate tart mix of Agrodoubs is a product reference in the pastry world. A smooth and generous texture which bring to perfection your chocolate tarts by well-coating your pie crust !

Quickly and easily realize your chocolate tarts and give your clients greedy desserts with flavors close to the “home-made”.


Shelf life: 180 days
Product reference: TCP6F
Available on demand
To be kept between +0°C and +4°C 


Shelf life: 24 months
Product reference: TCP6S
Product in stock
To be kept at -18°C

1 kg of chocolate tart mix allows you to make about 10 individual pies or 1 full pie.

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Defrost the product by putting it in the fridge for 24 hours.
After the thawing, the product is ready-to-use.
Advice: heat a bit the product to make it soften.


Doypack: 1Kg

Pouch with a spout: 5Kg


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