The liquid pasteurized egg yolks of Agrodoubs

A guarantee for sanitary quality !

The liquids egg yolks products are used in a lot of culinary dishes. From pastry applications to meat sauces, we find egg in different forms.
For all these culinary applications, Agrodoubs has an ideal professionnal culinary solution.
Over the years, a growing demand for higher standards in the field of animal welfare is felt. For this reason, today, in its range of egg products, Agrodoubs offers to its clients a various choice of egg products from free-cage eggs and free-range eggs.


Description : Our egg yolks are pasteurized to offer you a safe ready-to-use product meeting all your health and sanitary requirements.

The pasteurization process eliminates any potential pathogenic micro-organism while preserving the functional qualities of the egg. Our egg yolks are made from fresh eggs from France !

Equates to 66 egg yolks per kilogram

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NEW ! 

Now, ask egg yolks made with free-cage eggs or free-range eggs 

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Egg yolks are used to made creams, ice-creams, mayonnaises, quiches …



Tetra-brik: 1Kg
Bottle: 2Kg
Bag in Box: 10Kg

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