The mix for quiche of Agrodoubs

A guarantee for sanitary quality !

Reinvented by numerous French chefs, the quiche is still a staple and a liked dish in French gastronomy.

Developed following the growing demand from professionals, and more particularly from the local public communities, the mix for quiche is made from eggs and French milk.

This product is a sanitary guarantee for your dishes and also a guarantee of a well-management of your costs while ensuring the constant quality to your dishes.

Only composed of milk, eggs and cream, the mix for quiche of Agrodoubs is 100% natural and its flavor is close to the “home-made”.


Description : The mix for quiche of Agrodoubs has been developed for food industries, for professionals of the catering and for local public communities, especially to meet their growing sanitary, costs and convenience expectations.

Ready-to-use product
Texture and flavor close to the “home-made”


Shelf life: 12 months
Product reference: ATG0S
Available on demand
To be kept at -18°C

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After slow thawing in the fridge (+0°C and +4°C), pour the mix for quiche in a tart crust. Personalize your quiche.
Bake your quiche like a classic quiche.


Pouch with a spout: 1Kg

Resealable pouch: 10Kg


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