Specialist pastry cream since 2000 !

Our pastry creams Agrodoubs are allow you to obtain excellent gustative quality pastry creams with a fine taste of vanilla or chocolate to easily garnish your cakes, pastries, Mille-Feuilles, fruits tarts etc. 

In 2018, we have produced around 1 163 tons of pastry cream. This product is became the flagship product of Agrodoubs. We offer you more than 30 recipes of pastry creams, each one addresses to a specific use: pastry cream special for Mille-Feuilles, pastry cream special for Pain aux Raisins etc. 

Save time on the realisation of your desserts or pastries with professional pastry creams of Agrodoubs, which are all ready-to-use.

Find all the information about Agrodoubs products on page after page, discover some tips on how to use our products and find THE product that best suits your needs.

Products packaging adapted to your use !

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