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The liquid egg products range of Agrodoubs is adapted to all your need. These products ensure a constant quality, an impeccable food safety and an extra hygiene because you avoid handling these raw foods. Our egg products allow time-saving, ease-of-use and ease of storage. All of our egg products are simply issu from egg processing plants, 50% of them provide of the breaker eggs of the parent company of Agrodoubs: PEB-COQUY, leader on the production and distribution of eggs in Bourgogne Franche-Comté area in France.

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The liquids egg products are used in a lot of culinary dishes. From pastry applications to the sauces preparation, we find egg in different forms. For all these culinary applications, Agrodoubs has an ideal professionnal solution. Over the years, a growing demand for higher standards in the field of animal welfare is felt. For this reason, today, in its range of egg products, Agrodoubs offers to its clients a various choice of egg products from free-cage eggs and free-range eggs.

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