Implanted in the heart of the countryside

In the heart of the Franche-Comté area, our production site benefits of an ideal geographical position to supply its main raw materials composing its salted and sweet food preparations, produced localy. Eggs and milk come from our area ! 

We profit of the road network of the East of France to insure the transit of our products in France but also towards Europe and towards the world.

Notre présence à l'international

In a trusted relationship, the proximity is an essential element. We have deployed our sales force all over the word to answer to your every local product development project.

In 2019, our products were exported and tasted on the four continents. The Agrodoubs’ French touch is appreciated and its products quality recognized by renowned chefs all over the world (Paris, London, New-York, Singapore…).

Our Shipping Department takes care of national and international shipments. This department optimizes products’ packaging as well as the palletization plans to allow you to benefit from the best conditions and advantageous costs concerning the transport of your products.