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Crème brûlée is a classic and a must-have in French restaurants. Agrodoubs has made it one of its signature products. For more than ten years, the Agrodoubs crème brûlée base preparation has offered all the quality required for exceptional desserts.

We are constantly innovating to perfect our crème brûlée preparations and offer you the best recipe. In 2008, we halved the sugar content of our recipes!

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Panna cotta is a classic Italian dessert, along with tiramisus and other sabayons. Find all the flavor and authenticity of Italian cuisine in this “fresh and trendy” dessert.

Agrodoubs offers you a panna cotta base preparation that can be customized both in terms of the final presentation of your panna cotta and the flavoring. In just 10 minutes, you’ll be able to make panna cotta with flavors that are close to “home-made”.

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Tiramisu is the world’s most popular traditional Italian dessert. Agrodoubs offers a tiramisu base preparation that follows the traditional recipe. Using only eggs, milk and mascarpone, this machine lets you personalize your tiramisu quickly and easily.

A simple whirl with the mixer produces a creamy, honeycombed mousse that can be used to garnish verrines, all kinds of desserts and the classic tiramisu!

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Agrodoubs’ custard is ready to use straight away, adding flavor, taste and creaminess to your dishes.
 Agrodoubs’ Crème Anglaise, with its delicious taste of Franche-Comté milk and delicate vanilla flavor, is ideal for making floating islands or topping cakes, ice creams or fruit salads.

Agrodoubs’ Crème Anglaise is pasteurized to preserve the flavors and organoleptic qualities of the ingredients.

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New York cheesecake is a trendy dessert! Inspired by the real New York cheesecake recipe, Agrodoubs’ cheesecake mix makes it quick and easy to create an exceptional dessert.

Generous in fresh cheese and airy in texture, Agrodoubs’ cheesecake mix is ideal for adding variety to your dessert menu. Use it as a base and personalize it according to the season and your preferences.

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The quick and easy solution for this iconic French dessert. A simple whisk will produce an airy, gourmet mousse.

Save time when creating your entremets with Agrodoubs’ creams and fillings. Discover our various recipes, product information and usage tips, and find THE product to meet your needs.

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Sabayon is an Italian culinary preparation that originated in Northern Italy in the 1800s.

Sabayon is a simple and generous dessert. Agrodoubs offers you a fully customizable sabayon preparation (flavors, alcohols, fruits, coulis, etc.) that will appeal to your customers.

Add a touch of subtlety and finesse to your dessert menu.

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Chocolate fondant is such a generous dessert that it is one of the most popular in France. A ready-to-bake preparation that makes it easy to make your own fondant, customizable to your taste.

Agrodoubs is constantly innovating to offer you a solution that’s ever simpler to use.

In 2018, we developed a professional preparation for fresh chocolate fondant, with a long use-by date, to facilitate your stock management.

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Multiply your gourmet moments!

Desserts for professionals

Since 2002, Agrodoubs has been offering a wide range of dessert appliances for professionals. Developed in response to growing demand from catering professionals, the Agrodoubs “desserts” range addresses issues of time, cost control, dessert consistency and stock management.

Our range of dessert appliances includes frozen preparations guaranteed GMO-free, preservative-free and gluten-free, as well as fresh dessert appliances.

Create your own dessert menu with Agrodoubs dessert appliances. Whether you’re looking for ready-to-use desserts, ready-to-bake desserts or other dessert preparations, you’ll find all the information you need about Agrodoubs products on these pages, along with user tips to help you choose the product best suited to your needs.

Desserts for professionals




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