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Our values

Agrodoubs is 9 letters for 9 fundamental values!

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Our vocation is to give meaning to everyone’s work by putting our employees at the heart of our business and making the company a place of learning and fulfillment for everyone.

We rely on our employees because we are convinced that their loyalty is a strength and enables us to serve our customers in the best possible way.

Today, Agrodoubs is 25 employees working together within a regional company. 25 men and women from different cultures and backgrounds, all based in Flagey, enabling each of them to make their own contribution to the company’s progress.

We are committed to the following values:


For us, continuous improvement means sharing knowledge among all our employees, and challenging each of us to develop our skills on a daily basis.


Working with pleasure and in a good mood. It also means sharing common moments with colleagues, encouraging dialogue and politeness.


Better living together for better working. This means avoiding discrimination and respecting differences. It also means recognizing the work accomplished.


Keep our commitments and demonstrate professionalism and rigor in our missions.


Ensuring the company’s longevity and sustainability. It means working within a sustainable development strategy. It means remaining loyal to the company. It also means accepting to put the interests of the group before those of one’s own position.


Making the effort to understand and listen to others. It also means trusting the team, listening to constructive criticism and saying things without making value judgments.


Team, cohesion and solidarity: helping each other and caring for the team. It means prioritizing team assets and achievements, rather than individualism.


Investing in each and every one of our stakeholders. It means building a relationship of trust with our customers by offering them healthy, innovative products.


A fluid, logical internal organization. It means defining everyone’s functions. It also means offering our customers products that make their day-to-day lives easier and enhance their creativity.

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